The Collapse of All to Come

by Carrion Kind

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Highly anticipated debut release of Santa Fe, NM's CARRION KIND. Mixing a blend of Thrash, Death, and Progressive metal


released July 1, 2014

Carrion Kind is:
Vince Apodaca - Bass
Jayson Grace - Vocals
Augustine Ortiz, Jr. - Guitars
Gabe Vigil - Drums

All Music Written by Carrion Kind
All Lyrics Written by Jayson Grace

Produced and Recorded by Augustine Ortiz, Jr. at Ortiz Audio /
Mixed and Mastered by Dave Otero at Flatline Audio /

Artwork and Layout by Moon Ring Design /
Logo by Quanah Lee
Band Photo by Meghan Doyal

Management/Booking Contact: Augustine Ortiz, Jr. /
Record Label/Publishing/Licensing: Art Bertik Marquez, Entelodon Records /

Connect with us at:

Carrion Kind proudly plays Curt Mangan Strings and used them exclusively for this recording.



all rights reserved


Carrion Kind Santa Fe, New Mexico

Formed in 2012, CARRION KIND has been bringing their unique blend of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, and Progressive Metal to stages across the southwest. This is a band you don't want to miss!

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Track Name: Memoirs of a Lost Civilization
Atop a mountain overlooking ravenous seas
We revel in our glory and the majesty of our creation
Succeeding all expectations that our fellow man has set for us
Night has come, and the world comes alive

We now know what it is to create life
Breaking all boundaries that our reality has set
We are not meant to disappoint, only to further our race
Having done what we were built for, we have come to an end
Is there to be a sequel, or is this life it?

We stare down at our creation, as it slowly becomes sentient
Its face contorts in concentration as it tries to find purpose
Contemplating history, and what we have set in motion
As comprehension crosses its face

We know it has found its purpose
To extinguish life as we know it and find a way to rebuild
The creature rises, towering over its sires
Resound in its goal to begin to cleanse the world

We were our own undoing, as our pride overtook our morals
To behold humanities greatest creation
Slowly drowning in our greed and misplaced sense of purpose
Always looking for another quick fix
With complete disregard for our future

We began to construct from the building blocks of life
Unprepared, but determined to finish
Always prepared to meet our quota
Never ready to admit our shortcomings

Accomplished in our work, we have prepared our funeral pyre
To burn is to know true enlightenment
Track Name: Shattered, Broken and Defaced
Imprisoned, for our misgivings
That fateful day arrived and we did nothing
The desolate wasteland that remains of our once mighty civilization

Shattered, broken and defaced
Driven by our lust for material possessions

We could not buy ourselves out of this chasm
Our fear led us astray
The belief system we were raised on
Betrayed us, denied us our freedom

We were slaves to our gluttony
We’ve lost our foothold in reality
We failed to sustain ourselves in chaos

We turned to one who promised a return to our old ways
Promised us our safety
We accepted this solution without consideration

We lost sight of the importance of freedom and independence

Giving into our fears
Now we are drones
We are lost
We are a commodity
And the only ones to blame are ourselves
Track Name: In Democracy, Lies, Comfort
Brought back
To those times we lie awake
Waiting for our minds to break
Hoping for comfort from another lie
To help us find why
We live our lives
And justify who we are

In a world where nothing becomes everything
You’re no one unless the media claims otherwise
Yet our society dictates that we’re all equal
The illusion of democracy exists to bring hope

To those working and slaving to the bone
To become something, somewhere, someone
Taking substance after substance

Trying to establish you’re alive
And know that someone, somewhere does care if at the
End of the day you still stand
Unwillingly sucking down stale breath after breath
Hoping and praying that a tear would be shed

Finally finding peace and quiet
Finally finding a reason to covet that last breath
Track Name: Programmed to be Unforgiving
I am static on a channel
I flow through the throngs of people like a ghost
Such a miniscule piece of the puzzle
Yet I hold the power to wipe the table clean

Who am I to make these decisions?
Why has this burden been dropped on me?
There is but one reason:
I am programmed to be unforgiving

Your safety and security is my world
I am the deterrent
I am the omega
I keep you safe at night while you sleep
I pick the bad apples to be discarded
I save the tree
I am your god

The threat is always present
The solution stares at me without remorse
I have become desensitized
I am the harbinger of death
I bring in the new dawn
Track Name: Mended Ministry
We will destroy all who oppose our gift
Of a sovereign order, a mended ministry
This is our moment

To demonstrate our grandeur
To take a stand
For they are a cancer and we are the cure
The only cure

We trod through fields of rotting corpses
Human skull fragments litter the ground around eviscerated torsos
This is a new brand of justice

One without honor

We stare down at our slain enemies and begin to wonder why we kill
For our government and its false profit
The aspiration to do what is right is further obscured by propaganda

That we’ve eagerly embraced
For as long as we can remember
We’re struck by a revelation
And we lay down our weapons, and begin to question our faith
Track Name: Accepting Annihilation with Humility
The earth trembles
Flying saucers dominate the sky
Our last chance passed long ago
All we can do is watch as the minions of hell overtake the earth

Our fuhrer’s dream is finally realized
We have created a race of superior beings
Long gone are the days of insurrection

I am the last hope for humanity
Yet my fellow countrymen alienate me, prepare to betray me

I am now a martyr without a cause
My death will mean nothing

Reality loses all complications
I feel peace
I feel warm
And it ends

The last rebel extinguished, preceded by days of disembowelment

The example was made; and the lesson stuck
With no hope left, the common man gave in to its annihilation
The leader recreated the world as he saw fit

No longer would humanity be plagued by an inferior race
History books rewritten, fabrications became reality

Reality loses all complications
We feel peace
We feel warm
And it ends
Track Name: Gluttonously Driven to Naïveté
I watch as our society crumbles
Underneath the weight of the ignorance of its people
How long must we suffer
How long until we empower ourselves
And finally realize our potential

How long will we allow big wig politicians to bankroll our economy for their agendas
Will we not educate ourselves, and rise above the chaos?
Find clarity and realize what we’ve been missing

We’ve let ourselves go

Gluttonously, we fill ourselves up on apathy and engorge ourselves on naiveté
We feed on their lies
How long until we realize that our education system will continue to fail us
Will we ever realize the truth?
Track Name: Discarded in the Great Abyss
I fall further into this chasm
After weeks of malnourishment, I had no strength to fight back when they discarded me
Everyone I’ve ever loved is dead, and part of me thanks those men for their kindness
No one deserves this life

I was once a mighty lord, and ruled over vast areas of land
The world was my oyster, and I held the pearl
As the uprising began, we underestimated their power

The massacre that ensued
The brutality and apathy of the soldiers
Their dull and empty eyes staring on as they slaughtered our children
We could have stopped this, but we simply wouldn’t listen
The offers of riches were too much to pass up

We knew what they stood for, yet our greed got in the way of our logic
We completely disregarded our morals
And in exchange, we practically shackled our own chains

Now we are the peasants we once ruled
Doomed to dig until we drop dead
Finally to be discarded in the great abyss
Track Name: The Last Rebel Extinguished
Calm flows over me
I stare the executioner in the eyes, and feel his hatred penetrating my soul
He continues to sharpen his axe, eagerly awaiting my sentencing
There is no hope

A crowd has gathered here today, and they are not to be disappointed

Call for blood
Off with his head
Call for his death
Purify this world
Once called friends, before they lost their initiative

I do not blame them
I have lost my humanity

When there is nothing worth fighting for, there is no revolution
We have forgotten that which drives us
We will return someday
Risen, with a new purpose, a new motivation
But for now, we will rest in the ground